BBL Opens New Office

Brice Builders (BBL) established its first office in Panama City, Florida, which will be designated a Small Business Administration (SBA) bonafide office. Our new office will support the US Air Force initiative to rebuild Tyndall Air Force Base in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. Additionally, the office will serve as a business development launching pad for work across the lower 48 and the Pacific Rim.

BBL Vice President, Doug Henry, leads the BBL office. He is joined by Sean Fitzpatrick, Project Manager for our Tyndall AFB contract, as well as Mike Rudd, Samantha Chuck, and Ken Keeler–new hires to support our work at Tyndall AFB.

L to R: Doug Henry, Samantha Chuck, Sean Fitzpatrick, Mike Rudd

Please stop by and see us if your travels reach Florida! Our welcome mat is out!

Brice Builders LLC
55 West 5th Street
Panama City, FL 32401